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Well, no big and important news today such as a birthday or important updates about future VBs, but nevertheless something that has NOT to be missed,  I randomly 
I find this cover song TRUELY amazing! One of the best uses of Tashi JPN VCV, in my opinion. The end, especially, gave me goosebumps!
Great job!
<![CDATA[Wait, is Tashi 23 or 2 years old?]]>Sun, 29 Jun 2014 08:04:10 GMThttp://drak-pa.weebly.com/blog/wait-is-tashi-23-or-2-years-oldHello everyone!

Yesterday (28th June) was the second birthday of BSUP01 KEINE Tashi, which means it has been now two years his first voicebank exists (so, in a way, Tashi is two years old, even though the character is stated to be born in 1991).
It's been two years since this UTAU is supported, first by the French community of Vocaloid.fr, and then step by step by some people outside this community (even though I have the impression he is still more popular in this community than in the international community ^^)
I would like to thank you all for this support, I really appreciate it.

As Tashi's birthday was yesterday, I received a lot of present for this occasion, fanarts and covers. So, here they are:
Fanart by Utaka, representing Tashi English.
Wonderful fanart by Rikka Yomi.
A big thank to everyone who participated to Tashi's birthday! I hope I will be able to bring you soon Tashi's new voicebanks.

<![CDATA[Announcement about Tashi’s next voicebanks]]>Wed, 18 Jun 2014 12:18:57 GMThttp://drak-pa.weebly.com/blog/announcement-about-tashis-next-voicebanksHi everyone!

Here are some pieces of new about Tashi’s next voicebanks:
Tashi will for sure have at least a new Japanese voicebank (currently called “JPN type A”, which will be the biggest one) and a new English voicebank, called “ENG 3rd”.
There are four other potential voicebanks: “JPN type t” (which might be the lightest one), “ENG type d”, “Lngs” (a new language for Tashi) and “Lhgc” (another new language for Tashi).

Concerning Tashi JPN, I am using a brand new recording list, created by myself which will allow Tashi to be more versatile than before. His “JPN type A” VB will be about 2.7GB big, and it will have over than 27200 aliases. It might be one of the biggest voicebanks ever released for UTAU. Nevertheless, i will add some recordings to this voicebank in order to improve Tashi’s voice rage, as well as or the other voicebanks.
As regard Tashi English, I began to record the “ENG type d” voicebank, but for some reason I had to stop. I will give another try to record it, maybe after the regular “ENG 3rd”. For Tashi’s English voicebanks, as for Tashi’s previous English voicebanks, I will be using a modified version of Cdra’s reclist, that’s to say I will use the SAMPA phonetic (VOCALOID’s phonetic) instead of Cz’s phonetic.
I may record a French voicebank for Tashi, but there is no hope for a public release of this one, as it will follow the VOCALOID recording script, a confidential document.
Concerning the two other voicebanks and languages, one is already an UTAU language, tho other not.
Tashi TIB Extend Native will be released with these voicebanks, although it has already been completed some months ago. However, if I have before the opportunity to make a demo song for him, I will release this voicebank sooner.
There will not be any demo song before each recorded voicebank will be completed, so as soon as there will be some demo songs, you can be sure it won’t take to long to be released.
However, the development is expected to be very long, maybe over than a year.

There will be some physical editions of Tashi’s new voicebanks.

Here are the voice ranges to be expected for each voicebank:

As regard Djetsün, she is still under development. The issue is the same than for Tashi TIB, that’s to say the lack of possible Tibetan songs.

However, you ca still use Tashi’s current voicebanks, and remember, his birthday will be soon!